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Should I be nervous about the stock market?

Nervous NO, Educated Yes!. The stock market is a very complicated place to invest your hard-earned money. It can also be the place where your dollars are growing for you. Suitable investing does not have to be scary. Keystone takes the time to assess your tolerance for risk and recommend a product that will feel comfortable for you.

Am I on track to retire?

Let’s check your numbers and find out. We have a tool that will help us take your Retirement Temperature. Once the assessment is complete we can make recommendations to keep you on track or get you up to speed.

Can you help me understand my finances?

It should not have to be so hard to read and understand your benefits booklet, your 401k plan or just how to read your IRA statement. It is just a bit of coaching. We will take the time to walk you through the stages of your finances one step at a time.

Do I have the appropriate amount of insurance?

Insurance is the stability of your financial design. We all possess homeowners and auto insurance because we must. But do we have the right type and are we paying too much or should we have more comprehensive coverage. This is referred to as Property and Casualty insurance. However, there are insurances that are not required but necessary. Life insurance, disability income insurance and possibly Long Term Care insurance are topics that should be reviewed to mitigate your exposure to risk. We do this as a part of our process.

Do I have too much debt?

Better question is do I make enough to cover my debt? There is a ratio that you should know when budgeting. If your budget feels like it is paycheck to paycheck, we can use our budgeting tool to review your entire year on one page. It will show you the months that create stress and more importantly it will help us to assist in getting the budget back in line. No one should start investing and preparing for financial goals if we cannot budget properly first.

Why can’t I save more for a rainy day?

Sounds like budgeting again! 3 to 6 months of expenses should be set aside as your “emergency savings”. Our budgeting tool can help you get there.

Am I tax savvy?

We often work with your tax preparer or your CPA to assist in understanding your tax return. You don’t have learn how to prepare the return to understand the impact on of your return every year. We will help you understand how your current finances impact your taxes.

Am I taking full advantage of my employee benefits?

It is important to read and understand your employee benefits. In many cases it is a component of your actual compensation. We like to review your benefits together. You could be missing key coverages that may be free or cost very little.

Check out our Education page for more information on specific topics with easy to understand videos. Please always feel free to reach out to our team with individual questions.